Gas Turbine Engine Maintenance, Borescope Inspections,Technical Consulting

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Services Offered

Audit Engine Shop Repair Invoices

Assist Banking and Leasing Companies

Borescope Inspections

Commercial Jet Engines

Industrial Jet Engines and Power Turbines

Legal Investigations and Remaining Maintenance and Warranty Issues

Records Review

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Gas Turbine Engine Maintenance, Borescope Inspections,Technical Expertise by Jet Maintenance Consulting

Technical consulting engine maintenance


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We offer a Turbine Engine Consulting Service for purposes of determining surplus value prior to purchase.

We offer assistance to buyers or sellers of surplus used serviceable or unserviceable engines to determine fair market value by physical external visual inspection where and when possible as well as review of it's maintenance history or both. Proration market value of Life Limited parts based on operating times and cycles remaining.

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